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Meet JoAnn Wilson

JoAnn Red Top

Spiritual Advisor & Psychic

 I graduated from Berkeley Psychic Institute in  California in 1983. 

 I was the Director of Horizon Center for Intuitive Awareness and Horizon Spiritual    Center for 13 years.

Having read hundreds of people over the years, I am still amazed and thrilled by what I see as an indomitable spirit in most everybody.
My favorite readings are "Past Life" readings and Akashic Record readings. I also offer Kundalini Healings, Power Ring Clearing and Healing. (The traditional 8th, 9th and 10th Chakras) and more. Just ask.
For an appointment please e-mail joann@horizonhealing.net
   or call 678-234-3462.
Who was I?

 *Understanding and healing your past lives clears issues in present time and allows you to move forward. It also helps to clear the way for the all important Portal Opening Downloads.

Meet Belinda Horne
Healing Teacher, Clairvoyant, Ordained Minister and Hypnotherapist  


My readings honor and validate the human spirit as we search for qualities, patterns and talents from the past that can be brought into your present time reality to assist you in making choices for your life. As the story unfolds, there may be some information that was held in cellular memory at birth while other reference points may be from past life incarnations. My intent is to help you uncover the insights that are related to your pain or disease that will help you say hello to that energy and release the dynamics that hold it in your space.  Contact information  678-480-5130 or horne.belinda@gmail.com


Meet Hamza Davis
 PSYCHIC READER , HEALER, CLAIRVOYANT - A clairvoyant reading communicates who you are as a spiritual being and what you came to do this lifetime.  While a reading will not tell you what to do with your life, it validates what you have already accomplished and helps you see that you are the creator of your life by your choices. The reading itself helps you clear energy and make way for your next steps as you choose to move forward on your path.
Hamza is a Graduate of Horizon Intuitive Development Program and Director of Business Development at Agile Marketing Solutions, L.L.C., 404-839-3751 
Email Hzama at dhamza@bellsouth.net  
Call now to schedule an appointment:  404-839-3751
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