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Readings .... Healings - What Are They?

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What is a Reading?

A clairvoyant reading communicates who you are as a spiritual being and what you came to do this lifetime.  Clairvoyants communicate this information to you by translating symbols, colors, and mental image pictures they see in the layers of your aura (the energy field around your body).


Your aura reflects your spiritual growth and the life experience you have chosen to create and learn from.  While a reading will not tell you what to do with your life, it validates what you have already accomplished and helps you see that you are the creator of your life by your choices.


The reading itself helps you clear energy and make way for your next steps as you choose to move forward on your path.  To that extent, a reading can be a healing.

Readings and Healings available over the phone.

What is a Healing?

As we search for integrity in our lives, we are looking to bring into alignment our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental realities. Part of the process of healing - in the sense of becoming whole - is one of recognizing what energy is ours, someone else's and what belongs in the past or future. As we walk through life engaging with others, we pick up energy from our environment, our family, our work and our friends. This energy may translate into a sense of worry, a feeling of tiredness, or a physical ailment; this energy may also translate into a sense of joy, a feeling of excitement and delight.

Healings can be performed separately or if appropriate, during a psychic Reading.

Readings & Healings -- consider them spiritual tuneups!!