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Practical and Effective Tools for Creating Your Best Life. A life in harmony as you ascend to the next dimension.
What is my energy? What isn't my energy? How can I release what isn't mine? How can I renew myself moment by moment?  How do I honor myself and others?

When you understand Energy, you see and walk in the world in a whole new way.

Learn to clear your "SPACE" from the energy of others, and any unwanted energy that does not support you. Learn to protect yourself from a bombardment of other people's energy.
By discovering your own true energy and how to change it you deepen your connection with your higher-self and experience more control of your life.

AND you learn an active form of meditation ('running energy'), while using Universal Laws (Law of Intention, Law of Attraction, Law of Allowing, and others) to create what you want in life.   


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Energy Finger
NEXT STEPS... Working with Healing Guides

You will learn to work with a
Spiritual Healing Master and give energetic aura healings to your self, your pets and others.
You will also learn to balance chakras.
There are also more More Energy Tools to learn: to remove energetic clutter from your space that drains and distracts you; to  practice releasing perceptions that are in past time and no longer serving you; to be a "body of glass" (being in a different dimension) and no longer effected by the 3rd dimension drama around you, and more.
Taught by Belinda Horne.
Prerequiste for this class is the Essential Ennergy Tools class. 

 Next Session: To Be Advised
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