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Horizon Spiritual Center will be closing at the end of September. All signs shown to me indicate that now is the true time to be complete. The "spirit" of Horizon Center for Intuitive Awareness was not supposed to end in December 2014. Thus, Horizon Spiritual Center was "conceived" in January 2015. It was to gestate for the next nine months to allow time meet and introduce wonderful new spirits and teachers to you as well as continued support for our long time teachers.


I want to thank our fantastic Board of Directors for seeing us through nine months of growth from Conception (1/1/2015) to Delivery (9/30/2015).

And now it is time for all of us to take our next steps either as individuals or as a group.

The Arcturians said it well: "Bring your highest level of spiritual awareness to every physical, emotional, and mental activity of daily living and you will find more awareness is given for you have opened the door."  


Thank you

JoAnn Wilson 

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5549 Roswell Road

Sandy Springs/Atlanta, GA  30342

Lower level of the Body Awareness Studio,

next to Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore

email: joann@horizonhealing.net